Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure the Most Impactful Giving

Posted June 2024

Many of our donors make gifts to support the work of their favorite charitable organizations. What they really want is to make an impact. The size, timing, and type of gift all affect the ability of the organizations they care about, such as ours, to fulfill our missions. Below are three questions to ask when planning the best way to make an impactful gift.

Should I give the same or more?
Many donors have a routine: they give the same amount to the same organizations at the same time each year. Charities need and rely on annual support and often offer opportunities to make a larger gift to fund a special purpose or campaign. Perhaps you have long wished to support a particular area of our work—something that is meaningful to you. If you are among the many charitably minded individuals who give through donor-advised funds, consider making a gift from your DAF to enhance your regular giving.

Should I give sooner or later?
Making a gift earlier in the year enables us to put the gift to use sooner, moving up the impact. It is also possible to bunch two years of gifts into one year for tax reasons or to commit to making a larger gift over a longer time period. Another option is to blend lifetime and legacy gifts by giving now and through an estate plan. This has the effect of significantly enhancing overall giving as well as the ultimate impact of your gifts.

Should I give cash or something else?
Most donors give cash when asked to make gifts. Writing a check is relatively simple, and the impact is immediate. However, gifts of appreciated assets such as stock or personal property may result in additional benefits. The gain in these assets will not be taxed, and you can claim an income-tax charitable deduction for the fair-market value of the stock or other asset(s).

We would be pleased to speak with you about making your gift in the right amount, at the right time, and with the most suitable asset to best achieve your personal and philanthropic goals.

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